Dimitri Devyatkin - Presentations

Dimitri Devyatkin is an experienced public speaker available for presentations at universities, schools and community centers worldwide.

An American film and video producer and journalist, he’s traveled to 30 countries, spoken at many universities and schools, taught college courses, appeared on radio and TV broadcasts, produced shows at museums and conferences.  

Dimitri’s presentations are controversial, dramatic, eye-opening, clear and easy-to-understand. As keynote speaker at a college graduation, he is inspiring, well documented, influential and striking.

Auditoriums are packed, people stay right to the end for question-and-answer sessions and give highest evaluations for his presentations.

Presentations can be illustrated with video, still pictures and PowerPoint, appropriate to interests of the audience.

Media, Politics and the Future

1.       Roots of the financial crisis: Do we come out of it, or will the West collapse?

2.       Russia and the former USSR:  history, politics, Socialism, film and TV. Why did the USSR implode? Lessons for the West.

3.       Enduring Legacies: Slavery, Serfdom, Prisons and Big Brother:- Long term effects

4.       The business of media  – modern television broadcasting, advertising, mind manipulations

5.       New media and the future: Internet, digital cameras, social media, surveillance, mind control or freedom?

Dimitri's Video Exhibitions and Presentations

Museum of Modern Art, New York

Museum of Modern Art, Paris

Berlin Film Festival

International Young Film Forum, Berlin (twice)

Lenbach Haus Museum, Munich

Moscow Film Festival (twice)

American Cultural Centers, Paris and London

Amerika Haus Centers,  Germany – Berlin, Nürnberg, Frankfurt

College of Architects, Barcelona (twice)

Everson Museum, Syracuse

Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis

Dostoyevsky Museum, St. Petersburg

The Kitchen, New York


Vimeo      http://vimeo.com/channels/218745    
YouTube  www.YouTube.com/dimitrid http://www.youtube.com/user/dimitrid?feature=mhee

Please write to Dimitri@devyatkin.org for information