"The Future of Film"  (in Dutch)
January 26, 2012 - Most Hollywood mind confections are cotton candy that reverts back into sugar and coloring as it enters your mouth. What’s missing is any substance that you take away after the movie.

"Enduring Legacies : Slavery, Serfdom and Prison in America, Europe and Russia" 

August 24, 2011 - The US, Europe and Russia are deeply affected by the legacies of coerced labor - slavery and serfdom, incarceration and concentration camps, not boding well for the future. Who benefits?

“DV Journalism: Report on the Pew Journalism Conference”
NYC.Indymedia May 18, 2001 An independent-minded videographer discovers that smaller cameras mean smaller crews, and a more "authentic" look and feel but with the same slant and spin.

“Streaming for Whom: Advertisers or People?” Nettime, October 20, 2000 - Is the best use of streaming media to provide 'stickiness' -- eye candy for e-commerce sites or for free speech, low cost distribution of video and audio programming?

 “Inauguration Day 2001: Watching The Media Watch The News” MediaChannel Jan 21, 2001 After watching a day of solemn proceedings marking the handing over of power from Bill Clinton to George W. Bush, instead of feeling confidence and reassurance, I feel a wave of dismay, discomfort and distaste, with a sense of coming disaster.

“Smashing Televisions”   Johnson’s Russia List, March 19, 2000
Russians boycott Western advertisers. 

“Russian Media Wars”,
OpEd on, February 3, 2000
American Journalist Dimitri Devyatkin on collateral damage to the truth on Russian TV.

Journal of El Salvador Trip - 1985 - production of documentary "El Salvador - Names of War"

Biographical information (1974),Dimitri/bio.pdf

“The House of the Horizontal Synch” November  2002 -- Early years of the New York video theatre, The Kitchen, 1971-1973

Neural Notes for the Video Worker
Radical Software, Vol. 1, No. 5, Spring 1972

"THE KITCHEN: An Image and Sound Laboratory
: A Rap with Woody and Ste1na Vasulka, Shridhar Bapat and Dimitri Devyatkin"
On April 1, 1973, Jud Yalkut hosted a monthly edition of the panel ARTISTS AND CRITICS for WBAI-FM in New York with the
founders of the Kitchen. Woody and Steina Vasulka, and their co-workers, Shridar Bapat and DimitriI Devyatkin. The discussion
entailed a complex overview of the state of video art at that time.

"Report from Estonia: An Interview with a Leader of the Green Movement"
- Environment, 1988