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1 . Ferocious  - 10 part TV series

America’s most famous naval hero falls deeply in love with a beautiful Russian noblewoman. He becomes Rear Admiral of the Black Sea fleet, but the Russian Princes jealously plot against him and accuse him of espionage.  

Promo – 3 min.

2. Taste My Revenge  - When the Pharaoh's architect builds a Treasury for the monarch, he suspects he will die afterwards, so he builds a secret entrance so his sons can enter the Treasury after he is dead.

3. Money from Heaven - When his neighbor's daily prayers for money become too much to bear, a young man throws a sack of money over the garden wall, but it makes the neighbor's exhortations even more unbearable.

4. Funny Stories - This is a collection of the stories that make you laugh so hard you'll cry!  Every story is a a classic of slam-down, outright filthy jokes from childhood, dramatized and personalized, bound to make you laugh.

5. Mr. Fox - A dramatization of the 16th century classic tale of lust and horror. The scariest story of our youth.... by far.  (8 pages)

6. Sammy's Parrot - I'm proud to say my play won the September 2016 L.A. Short Screenplay Contest. Here it is performed by four artists in L.A. A very dirty mouthed parrot becomes a liability when Sammy gets married, neglecting to tell his new wife about him.

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WARNING: language. Adults only

1pg Short Script – SAMMY’S PARROT by Dimitri Devyatkin

Watch the September 2016 Winning Short Screenplay. SAMMY’S PARROT Written by Dimitri Devyatkin


Published on Jan 29, 2017

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1 page screenplay -- PFFF

Video of actors in a live reading

A doctor tries to help in a difficult case.

Genre: Comedy

Narrator: Val Cole
Patient: Nick Wicht
Doctor: Charles Gordon

1 page screenplay -  The Pine Cone